Emotional intelligence

They call it emotional inteligence… The very indecent (atleast to me) process of having a smile on your face and plan in ur mind,how to beguile the other person to make him work according to your whims.

May be it seems a very attractive option to handle people especially the ones who are hard to be collared… But in my opinion it is a fair way of taking away the little remaining originality which is already a rare characteristic to find, that too with legitimacy… I am just worried about the day forthcoming when people bury their orginality deep down somewhere from where it will be hard to get back and work towards their predetermined agendas…

It actually seems to be no issue when we have serius others turning their heads out such as Climate change Global warming increasing sea levels so on and so forth.. But we need to think about this as well,isnt legitimising emotional intelligence leading us towards a way where we are learning not only to manipulate others but also we have learned to see ourselves what we are not, it is making the humanity more cunning more self centered.And this self centricism is at the core of every problem humanity is facing..we need to think we need to introspect…


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Why IAS Why uh

Ive been grown up wherein there is no dearth of set procedures… We have a constitution… We have schemes for what not for Evry issue India is suffering… If there is dearth of something than it is its implementation in a way it has meant to be.ive always want to change them but eventually realised that it is impossible without uh hav a position and legitimate power to make them work in that organised way …that when uh feel to make things work uh can motivate people uh can encourage them an moreover you can forcefully make it happen..ive spend 7 years of my life seeing working of a govt hospital..ive seen in very early years of my life that how drastic change it is possible to bring in with jus a mere name of an IAS Officer.. It is when ive attracted towards these services.. I will not say i will do something extraordinary…. But i can assure that i will make what already is there in a proper manner… And through civil services it is not just dreams of my parents, not about its perks…not about power… Not about social status… I will not deny them as well… Yes.They will happen… But through this i will acheive the aim the dream the very goal of my life… And nothing else will suffice me this much as it will… It will need many qualities…..ive worked on them……

There is only one God that sages know by diffrent names… Vivekanad’s concept of Religion is like diffrent rivers following diffrent paths reaches to the same ocean…thus every religion practices diffrent customs rituals just to reach at the same supreme power…

As far as hinduism is concerned it is “Ekam Brahm,dvitiya naste neh na naste kinchan” or There is only one god… As far as i know hinduism it is the most open religion to change to adapt,that is what it did every time from vedic era to mauryans to the emergence of budhism jainism later on sikhism… It is somewhere has played the role of origin for all other… The religion of which core is ACCEPTANCE, do uh believe that it will change its very nature altogether in last 5 years… No it cant.. There is where one needs to think that if cow vigintalism has suddenly becum more important than a persons life or we have forced to think that way… Here is where we need to think that when kashmiris were thrown out of there educational institutes,are we as hindus inflicting pain on them for being pro-muslims or we are strategically aroused to do so over a period of time… Ask urself these question.. Get to their answers!!!!

When our constitution was in its foundatin stage…the great respected forefathers of ours have decided to opt for a parliamentary form of government..so that the whole organisation would not be dictated by “a single influential person” as in the presidential form of government, much apparent in the world power America.

“Modi Government” calling it so in the very first place shows the contradiction in what we aspired and what we end up having… Govenment is no more can be called representative it has become a one man government and itself a threat for a healthy democracy…. !!

As Gandhi Ji had alwaz insisted over decentralisation of power it is our duty to understand what it really meant… One should always concerned about the representative of his own constituency and vote according to his merit rathar than for the leader at centre.Doing that uh are making him accountable and answerable to all your needs…and let these constituencies decide who will be in power at centre.. This is how an ideal parliamentary democracy works.. This is the dream of our great forefathers… Let it dont get diverted and make sure it remains on track..